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I worked and lived with Sparko for three years and seven months. Nothing changed in his attitude, he stayed the same. he never allowed me to handle any expenses beyond clothing myself, other expenses such as house rent, water and electricity bill, food, he took care of and even got me a girl by the name Gina, to keep me company whenever I was off work. For once in my life, I felt like I had a family. I was where i was appreciated.  I and the most of the gang also got along fine while some eyed me in envy. They feared I had Sparko’s ears and so were careful of things they said whenever I was around.
On few occasions, we had handled small time robbery operations that were usually brief and successful; robbing wealthy individuals in other parts of town but never hurting anybody unless we had to, and my part time job of droping off marijuana didn’t stop. I had enough money now to start my own life. When I mentioned moving out to a place of my own to Sparko, he got me a comfortable single room close to his place the following week so that he could keep an eye on me I guess. I made the payment.
My girlfriend Gina, was not the head -turner type of beautiful lady, at first glance, she had that normal everyday facial looks that could easily go unnoticed. A second glance would however reveal that the bland looks had been compensated with a voluptuous body. She had curves in the right places and full, rounded breasts that were firm; her behind was moderate in size and long, slender legs to carry them.
That night I moved in, she slept over for the first time. She prepared supper for both of us while I went out to buy drinks for from a nearby store. After supper we just sat there on the bed savoring the taste of the food. I opened her drink for her and opened my beer.  We chatted frivolously. It was like we had just known each other. We made love like two young teenagers trying it for the first time. I kissed her lips gently and as she parted her mouth, my tongue went inside probing every part of her warm mouth while my left hand simultaneously went in search of allthe curve lines of her body. I found her breasts and squeezed them gently one after the other, my lips then went to work on her nipples sucking and biting them playfully till they became hard; her gentle moans shut down my senses and activated my instincts, our breaths became hoarse as they came faster now, my hand slide down to her thigh and I started caressing them, and gently moved up till I could feel her pant which had become  wet. I quickly shifted it to one side and slid my finger inside of her,  The excitement became too much for her to bear as she tried effortlessly to pull my hands away. She reached for my zipper and pulled out my penis and wrapped her fingers around it, squeezing it hard, I felt pain and pleasure. By that time, I had become as hard as a rock; she told me she wanted me inside of her. she raised her back side for me to slide her pant down her slender legs. I flung it to the floor and quickly fumbled with the belt of my trousers with unsteady hands until they fell to the floor. I jumped to the bed and was inside her in a moment slamming hard and fast. She clung to me moaning with her eyes shut. I came a little after three minutes. I could see the disappointment in her eyes, this caused me to have a quick erection again and this time, I was brutal. It was a long session that lasted almost twenty five minutes, resting at intervals. This time, we both came as her whole body quaked with excitement, her behind meeting my every stroke. My body jerked in spasms as I released inside of her; we remained in that position for minutes trying to catch our breaths. I finally rolled over to her side and immediately fell asleep.
Few months later, as I was walking down a busy street, that afternoon, with a bag slung across my shoulder, I thought I saw someone I knew in my childhood years
“could she be the one?”
I asked myself but didn’t slow down as I walked past her. Then I decided to look back at the familiar figure again but this time, she was also looking back at me with the same expression I had on my face. As both eyes met, I knew she was the one.
“you’re right Joy, it’s me,” I said with a smile on my face.

We shook hands and stepped inside a nearby restaurant. I ordered for drinks for two and offered to buy her lunch which she declined and we got talking, catching up on old times… not about us but about Shogunle and Ajisegiri , my old neighborhood and our mad house. She said nothing had changed since then only for a few houses that had sprung up in the last few years especially where I used to go and play football. She then told me about my dad and his wife and their frequent quarrels. She said that he once threw her belongings out of his room but the next morning they were seen seated together outside, chatting like two old couple retired and idle.
As she rapped on, I lost interest in her chat and began to observe her, she wasn’t as beautiful like she used to be way back, besides she talked too much. And she was one of the reasons why I didn’t mind having a surrogate mother but she’d never know. I tried focusing on her face only but it only got worse. My vision began to see a deformed head shape that kept diminishing. Suddenly I was in a hurry to end the meeting and be back on my way to deliver parcels of marijuana in my bag but she wasn’t done yet, she said she was studying law at the University of Lagos and told me that Jerry, my brother had studied same course but had graduated by then. She then told me that before Jerry graduated, he changed his last name to my maternal grandfather’s name.
“Great idea” I thought.
She asked if i was in touch with Jerry and i shook my head.
“Why?” she had asked.
“It’s a long story and i don’t want to go into that right now” I replied, trying tobrush the topic aside.
“Anyway, i have his contact, i can give it to you if you want” she had offered.
“Ok” I said.
While she was trying to recall some other gist she might have left out, I quickly paid the waitress for the drinks and scribbled down a note which I gave to her on how she could contact me and stood up before she could start off again.  We said our goodbyes and she was on her way.


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