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The art of begging for alms on the street of Lagos have evolved over time that associations are being formed to watch over one another’s interests. Alms begging has become sophisticated as some have distinguished themselves as corporate beggars who will appear in neat outfits and come up with a plausible story line to whip up empathy and if they are lucky enough, they get “paid” by ways of generous donations from the unsuspecting public. these type of beggars always change locations frequently to avoid been detected.Another set of beggars are those skilled at giving birth to children like rats who in turn innocently become foot soldiers for their parents at tender ages of three or four, clutching at the hands of passers by while their parents watch from a safe distance. these kids don’t even know what they are doing. they simply grew up into it and are naturally adapted to the act. These are the most vulnerable of all, they have been wrongly wired right from the beginning such that they don’t even know what’s white from what’s black; they could be exploited by ritual killers, terrorists and for prostitution. 

Lagos State needs to do more in controlling the activities of these ever increasing menace on our streets by making sure that funds are invested in surveillance equipment such as high definition CCTV cameras across major flash points and highways to detect acts of crimes. A biometric database of Lagosians should be developed and maintained to keep track of people living in Lagos such that those with criminal intents can be easily fished out should they carry out any criminal activity and secluded areas should be well lit to deter people from assembling in these locations. 

The police must be trained in modern techniques of combatting myriads of crimes and funded appropriately to be able to discharge their duties.

Well equipped skill acquisition centres should be opened across every local government areas and these beggars should be confined within these centres where they will be fed as well as taught a skill set that will in turn generate money for them and their dependants and as well as for the government in form of taxes and levies.